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Webinar: Will Your Current Estate Plan Cost Your Family Everything You've Worked For?
Thu, Apr 09
Location is Online Only! Link Provided.
Apr 09, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT
Location is Online Only! Link Provided.
The Seven Costly Mistakes Inside of Your Estate Plan. How much of your hard earned estate will your family lose at the generation transfer? Hint: It could be everything you've built.
Webinar: What every parent of minor kids needs to know:
Sun, Apr 12
Apr 12, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT
Who can legally care for your children if something happens to you? Hint: It's not automatically your parents.
Webinar: Estate Planning in a Crisis (1)
Tue, Apr 14
Apr 14, 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM PDT
Will your family be able to access your bank accounts if you get sick? How much of your hard earned estate will your family lose at the generation transfer? Hint: It could be everything you've built.

What We Provide

Insurance Agent

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Competence You Can Count On

As members of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys (AAEPA) we have committed to staying on the cutting edge of our areas of practice. We undertake 36 hours of continuing legal education every year, specifically in estates and trusts law, elder law, and tax law. 

We do the work to keep all of our families protected.


Child Guardianship Planning

Protecting your Children

Wood Legal Group, LLP has an experienced team ready to show you how to ensure your minor children are protected in the event something unforeseen happens to you.  We offer our legal expertise to serve families of all types and sizes.

Give us a call today! 626-898-9195

Trust Administration

Here for you

Our team is here to assist the family left behind after the loss of a loved one.

Trust Administration is a process triggered by the death of the creator of the family trust. It involves carrying out the wishes of the deceased, managing the property in the trust and facilitating the transfer of trust property to the beneficiaries.

Managing assets should not be your loved ones' primary concern at this time. We will walk them through the process and help them address any legal issues that may arise.


Probate Litigation

Proven Success

Probate comes into play when a relative dies without an estate plan in place. They may have left a will, or they may have died "intestate" (without a will).  The probate court oversees carrying out the wishes of the deceased, directing the executor to notify creditors, pay debts, manage the property, and facilitate the transfer of estate property to the beneficiaries of a will or the heirs at law.


No grieving family should have to face probate court proceedings alone.


Wood Legal Group can help loved ones get through this process and address the complex legal requirements in a timely and complete fashion.

Legal Services

We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations. 

We offer a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs.

Learn more about our services below:

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Comprehensive Estate Planning Analysis

Customized Approach

Trust Administration Consultation

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