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Download our FREE report, “Protecting Hispanic & Latino Financial Legacies” and get started today!

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We’re excited to help you learn more about all that goes into setting up a comprehensive estate plan to protect your loved ones and preserve your legacy.

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Learning This Is the First Step to Setting Up a

Secure Future for Your Family!


✔️  The four crucial documents every family needs in order to feel confident and protected in the event of a crisis.


✔️  How to successfully minimize taxes on your estate.


✔️  How to avoid the horrors of Probate Court and protect 30% or more of your financial assets.


✔️  How to consistently build generational wealth for your family for years to come.


✔️  How to protect your hard earned money, even if you become incapacitated (i.e. a coma)


✔️  And even more during the LIVE Q&A

Meet the Presenter

Portia Wood

Portia is an estate planning attorney with over 10 years of professional experience. Her practice is exclusively focused on protecting you and your family through personalized estate planning strategies.


She knows that estate planning can be daunting for most people and is often combating the misconception that it is only for the uber wealthy. 

Join Portia for this estate planning webinar, and let her show you a new way to think about estate planning and how a personalized approach can protect everything you've been working for. 


Portia is not only well versed in the law and estate planning, but she's also extremely patient and has the rare ability to distill even the most complex legal jargon down to concepts that can be understood by anyone. Her attention to detail and attentiveness were invaluable as we put together my father's living trust and I'm sure they will be equally invaluable as we do mine.

- Jermaine



You may be wondering, “Why do I need to worry about this now?”


The answer is simple.

You need an estate plan, especially if you have kids. Unless you're comfortable with the courts making decisions on your behalf regarding:

  1. Who gets your assets

  2. Who takes your children

  3. Who receives access to your bank accounts

 (Hint: it can be anyone the court chooses)


The future is unpredictable. And, preparing for the future starts with the decision you make today.

Laws change. The political environment changes. Accidents happen. You simply never know what may occur.


Estate planning can seem like an intimidating process, but it's not only for the mega-rich or older people. These common misbeliefs cause many people to continue to wait until it's too late.

The best way to begin your estate plan is to first understand what the basic components are. Then, it's about understanding what is specifically required based on your unique situation.

By breaking it down into these smaller pieces, planning becomes manageable.


As a licensed estate attorney, I'm offering helpful webinars for people just like you who are beginning to consider estate planning.


I know that it can be a confusing and daunting process. I want to help alleviate these feelings by helping you understand the process. 

One of our webinar attendees, Yvette, says it best: "There is so much information families need to know about protecting their assets. Receiving that information began with attending a seminar offered by Wood Legal."

Obtain this VALUABLE information by accessing the webinar provided below.

See you soon,

Portia Wood, Esq.

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