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Celebrate Juneteenth with a Chance to Win a Free Comprehensive  Estate Plan.


Wood Legal Group, LLP is thrilled to present our 4th Juneteenth Estate Plan Giveaway!

As a commitment to serving our community, we're offering a chance to win a comprehensive estate plan absolutely FREE. This is your opportunity to protect your loved ones and secure your legacy without any cost.


In the spirit of Juneteenth and the pursuit of freedom, we turn our attention to another aspect that often goes hand in hand with personal liberty – estate planning.

Estate planning may not immediately come to mind when thinking about Juneteenth, but it plays a vital role in securing a prosperous future for ourselves and our loved ones. By considering the significance of this historical occasion, we can better understand the importance of protecting our assets and ensuring our wishes are honored.

Celebrating Juneteenth with Purpose!

At Wood Legal Group, LLP, we believe in the power of equality, justice, and leaving a lasting impact. This Juneteenth, we're proud to again offer our Estate Plan Giveaway as a gesture of empowerment and inclusivity. By providing a free comprehensive estate plan, we aim to break barriers and ensure that everyone has access to the essential tools for protecting their loved ones and securing their legacy.


Join us in commemorating Juneteenth and promoting a future filled with freedom and prosperity for all.


To qualify for this exciting free estate plan giveaway, you MUST:

  1. Make sure to follow us on Facebook @woodlegalgroup  & @blacktrustfundkids and Instagram @woodlegalgroup and @blacktrustfundkids.

  2. Tag three individuals on the giveaway post who would benefit from learning about estate planning and the significance of Juneteenth.

  3. Share our post on your Instagram stories and page: Help us spread the word by sharing the giveaway post on your Instagram stories and page. By doing so, you'll raise awareness about the importance of estate planning and the opportunity for others to participate.

  4. Record and post a video of what legacy means to you and why you should win our 4th annual estate plan.

  5. Complete our survey: To ensure we gather essential information for your estate planning needs, kindly complete the survey provided. The survey will assist us in understanding your specific requirements and tailoring the estate plan accordingly. Click this link Juneteenth Estate Planning Giveaway with Wood Legal Group, LLP.

Deadline for entry: Juneteenth! Monday, June 19, 2023 by 2 pm PDT.


Your Complete Estate Plan Package Awaits!

When you win our Juneteenth Estate Plan Giveaway, you'll receive an all-inclusive package designed to protect what matters most. Here's what you'll get:

📞 Initial Strategy Session

📜 Pour-Over Will

🔒 Multigenerational Trust

⚕️ Medical Power of Attorney

💼 Property Power of Attorney

📃 Living Will - Advance Health Care Directive

🔐 HIPAA Authorization

👪 Guardianship Elections (if applicable)

🖋️ Legal Execution of Documents

Join us in celebrating Juneteenth by participating in our free estate plan giveaway. Together, let's honor the spirit of freedom, justice, and empowerment that this historical occasion represents. Take the first step towards securing your future and the legacy you leave behind.

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