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Our Deepest Condolences

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Wood Legal Group family is heartbroken and outraged at the senseless gun violence that continues to take lives and devastate families all across our nation. We mourn with the communities and loved ones of the victims of the most recent carnage in El Paso and Dayton. 

One story that has really hit home for us is this one of the new parents who lost their lives shielding their infant son from harm. In a split second this baby became an  orphan. While we do not know whether the Anchondo’s had guardianship elections in place for their baby we do know that most parents don’t.

Without taking the steps to establish who we would have look after our minor children in the event we cannot, we leave this incredibly important determination up to the courts. This is a big deal! 

Wood Legal Group wants to ensure that every family in our network has these basic protections in place. We will provide the temporary legal guardianship forms to anyone who reaches out to us. If you can come into our office we will notarize your executed forms for free.

Please. Do. Not. Wait.  Email us to request your form today. 

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