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Building and Protecting Black Wealth

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Building and Protecting Black Wealth" is a transformative four-session course designed to empower individuals and families in the Black community with the knowledge and tools necessary for creating and sustaining generational wealth. This comprehensive program delves into the historical context, practical estate planning tools, wealth-building strategies, and family wealth cultivation, specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities in building black wealth. Session Breakdown: Session 1: The Historical Landscape of Black Wealth Session 2: Estate Planning Tools for the Black Family Session 3: Wealth-Building Strategies for Today Session 4: Cultivating Generational Family Wealth Key Takeaways: Gain a deep understanding of the historical and current state of Black wealth. Learn practical estate planning techniques to protect and pass on your assets. Acquire actionable wealth-building strategies to grow your financial resources. Develop a clear plan for cultivating and sustaining family wealth across generations. Included in the Course: Access to our exclusive provisions and strategies for protecting family wealth. Practical exercises for estate planning and wealth management. Opportunity for Q&A Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for anyone in the Black community looking to understand the roots of our economic history, seeking practical advice on estate planning, aspiring to grow their wealth, and committed to creating a lasting financial legacy for their families. Join Us: Embark on this enlightening journey to secure your family's financial future and contribute to the economic empowerment of the Black community. Enroll in "Building and Protecting Black Wealth" and take the first step towards a legacy of prosperity and security.







Generational Wealth Warriors

Generational Wealth Warriors

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