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2023年6月19日 - 2023年6月30日


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An insightful, hands-on course centered on estate planning and inter-generational wealth craetion. We especially address the unique challenges faced by minorities, LGBTQIA, and women in wealth accumulation. Why take this course? You will: Learn about the historical and current systemic barriers to wealth creation. Contextualize your estate planning strategies within the broad sweep of social and economic changes. Understand the intricacies of wills and trusts, crucial tools in maintaining and transferring wealth. Master these legal devices to ensure your family's financial security. Navigate key legislations like Proposition 19 (California Specific). Learn how to optimize your business succession plans and get a grip on the Medi-Cal Recovery Program. These insights could save your family 10's of thousands of dollars. Equip yourself with long-term care planning strategies, vital in the face of the 'Silver Tsunami.' With the aging of the baby boomer generation, being prepared is more important than ever. Tackle modern economic challenges including inflation and the rising complexities of home ownership. Learn to protect your wealth from being eroded by inflation and make informed decisions about property investments. This course is more than just a learning experience; it's an investment in your family's future. Enroll now and secure your path to wealth preservation and generational transfer.






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