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Webinar: 5 Costly Mistakes Parents Make... Leaving Their Children at Risk!

Webinar: 5 Costly Mistakes Parents Make... Leaving Their Children at Risk!
Webinar: 5 Costly Mistakes Parents Make... Leaving Their Children at Risk!


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2024年5月22日 12:30 – GMT-7 14:00



Join us for a discussion on how to care for your minor children if you are not their to guide them. 

Attendees will also learn how to avoid the most common mistakes parents make when planning for the future, including: 

• MISTAKE #1: Letting courts decide who will raise their children. Parents who have not selected legal guardians for their children are leaving decisions to strangers in the court system. 

• MISTAKE #2: Assuming a plan is not necessary because their family will care for their children. Children can unintentionally end up in the wrong caregiver’s hands resulting in custody battles. 

• MISTAKE #3: Being unprepared for something catastrophic, like a serious accident or illness. When both parents are gone, Child Protective Services is often called and foster homes are the only option. 

• MISTAKE #4: Being unprepared to pay for your children’s continued care, education and health care. We’ll show you easy and inexpensive ways to provide necessary funds for your children. 

• MISTAKE #5: Winding up in a guardian selection nightmare. We’ll show you how to avoid picking the wrong guardians and how to select the best ones. 

You might be surprised at what you hear. We promise you’ll leave this educational event with practical ideas and action steps that you can take immediately, to start laying a solid and secure foundation for your family’s future. There’s no pressure to sign up for legal services or work with our firm—we are simply here to help you!

Making sure you have the proper legal documents in place to protect your children if you should become ill or need to be in th hospital for an extended period of time. 

We will talk guardianship planning, child protection planning, remarriage protection (protecting your child’s inheritance), divorce protection and much more.

Who will care for your children if something happens to you?

Every attendee will leave with a free California or Maryland specific temporary guardianship form and receive a coupon for 50% off ($187.50 value) a 30-minute strategy call with Attorney Portia Wood.*

If you can no longer attend, please let us know ASAP by calling 626-898-9195 so that we may offer the seat to someone on our waitlist.

See you at the Webinar!

Please rsvp as space is limited. 



  • 活动门票

    参加此活动可让您和您的配偶(如适用)与律师进行 30 分钟的虚拟遗产规划战略电话会议(价值 187.50 美元),享受 50% 的折扣。 所有咨询必须在网络研讨会日期后的 2 周内进行。





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