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    Portia Wood, Esq


    Portia works tirelessly to help people protect their assets and provide for the transfer of resources and values to their families. She helps clients avoid probate, save on taxes, protect their hard-earned savings and preserve wealth at the generational transfer. She concentrates in the areas of Legacy Wealth Planning and asset protection planning.

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    Robin Wood, Esq


    Robin uses her many years of business, legal and non-profit experience at Wood Legal Group to help clients preserve their estate and protect their families.


    She helps clients gain control of the transfer of wealth to their beneficiaries. 

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    Peggy Darlington

    Office Manager

    Peggy is committed to providing the best in client relations services. Having personally experienced loss at the generational transfer due to ineffective estate planning, she is committed to helping others understand the importance of protecting their legacies through professional planning.  

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