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The Generational Wealth Protection Plan is a preventative maintenance program for your estate plan. This innovative solution addresses the uncertainty of who is responsible for keeping your estate plan updated. The Generational Wealth Protect Plan creates a structured ongoing relationship between you and us, in which we share that responsibility.

Generational Wealth Protection Plans

 By working closely together, we can ensure that your estate plan stays current so that when your family needs it, it works the way you intended. The keys to successful estate plan maintenance are communication and collaboration. That’s the foundation of The Generational Wealth Protection Plan.

Our system provides a structure with clear expectations of who needs to do what and when they need to do it. It takes the guesswork out of how to keep your estate plan in optimal shape. The Teamwork Members of The Generational Wealth Protection Plan will appreciate that, as things change, their plan needs to change, too. This fosters a close professional relationship to help you with your generational wealth planning.

When you created your estate plan, we worked together to design a plan that best suited your existing situation. You taught us about your family, your financial circumstances and your hopes, dreams, fears

and goals. We taught you about the law and your options for addressing those issues. The Generational Wealth Protection Plan simply works like this. You keep us regularly informed as your family, finances and goals change. We keep you informed as changes in the law affect your plan or create new opportunities.


The Wood Legal Group Promise

What Every Client Gets! 

  • Free Estate Planning Audit Meeting every 3 years, upon request ($495 min. value)

  • Free meeting with successor trustees and family after incapacity or death

  • Free phone calls and emails with law firm staff ($375 min. value)

  • Free client eNewsletters

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