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How To Pick an Estate Planning Attorney

The Trouble With Joint Tenancy

Should you hold property in joint tenancy?

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Probate Costs

How much are attorneys fees for probate court. 

*CA specific and does not include all costs. 

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Family Wealth Trust

What is a family wealth trust and how might it protect your family?

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LGBTQI Considerations

What special considerations are there for the LGBTQI community?

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Asset Protection Using a Family Limited Partnership

What is an FLLP and how might it be beneficial for your family?

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The Road to 2053

Read the research. The median net worth for Black families is estimated to hit ZERO by 2053.

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Estate Planning Cheat Sheet

What are the 6 things that MUST be in your estate plan today?

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What is the Probate Process?  

How does the probate process work? 

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Asset Protection with a Family LLC

What is an FLLC and how might it be beneficial for your family?

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White College Graduates are Doing Great with Their Parents Money

Read Adam Harris' article on the Racial Wealth Gap and higher education. 

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