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Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans


The 世代财富保障计划 是您的遗产计划的预防性维护计划。这种创新的解决方案解决了谁负责更新您的遗产计划的不确定性。世代财富保护计划在您和我们之间建立了一种结构化的持续关系,我们共同承担这一责任。


The Wood Legal Group Promise

What every clients Gets!

Free Estate Planning Audit Meeting every 3 years, upon request ($495 min. value)

Free meeting with successor trustees and family after incapacity or death

Free phone calls and emails with law firm staff ($375 min. value)

Free client eNewsletters

When you created your estate plan, we worked together to design a plan that best suited your existing situation. You taught us about your family, your financial circumstances and your hopes, dreams, fears

and goals. We taught you about the law and your options for addressing those issues. The Generational Wealth Protection Plan simply works like this. You keep us regularly informed as your family, finances and goals change. We keep you informed as changes in the law affect your plan or create new opportunities.

  • Basic

    每 1 年
    Your Generational Wealth Protection Plan
  • Gold

    每 1 年
    Your Generational Wealth Protection Plan
  • 最超值


    每 1 年
    Your Generational Wealth Protection Plan
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