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Are you one of the many Hispanic & Latino families losing part of their hard-earned inheritance and financial security by not maximizing U.S. laws to pass on your home and assets?

Award winning estate planning law firm breaks down how useful a comprehensive estate plan can be as an asset protection vehicle. 


Becoming familiar with these fundamentals will help you secure your family's future - today.


This free report makes it EASY to understand the basics of estate planning in the latinx community.

Countless families are protecting their assets, their children, and preserving their legacy using the tools provided in this report.

Download and reap the benefits now!

9 Common Inheritance Planning  Problems Every Hispanic & Latino Family in the U.S. Needs to Know About

What You’ll Discover in This Free Report…

This FREE report will cover many of the common myths and mistakes Hispanic and Latino families make in their planning such as:

  • No Aging/Incapacity Plan: Many family caregivers experience unnecessary financial, emotional and physical hardships while caring for their loved ones. Learn how to ensure your loved ones have the tools and resources to coordinate your care and minimize the struggles.

  • No Medicaid Planning: Many families wait until it’s almost too late and bear the financial and physical burden of their elder’s caretaking needs! Or they plan the wrong way, adding kids as joint owners to their property. Learn how to better position yourself to qualify for Medicaid/Medi-Cal to cover many long-term care expenses.

  • Probate: Letting the courts and state law decide who will inherit your assets, leading to delays, expensive court and attorney fees, and potentially disinheriting loved ones. Discover how you can prevent the courts from making decisions for you and how to ensure your belongings are passed down fairly.

  • Joint Tenancy & Co-ownership: Why it’s not a good idea to have multiple families own one property without proper planning. Learn how to prevent probate, disinheriting your children, minimize exposure to fraud & creditor risks, keep tax-saving exemptions and more.

  • Only One Spouse on Title: Why having only one spouse be the owner on the title of assets could leave their spouse deprived of their estate when that person is gone. Learn how to protect your spouse’s future if you pass away first.

  • Common Law Marriages: What happens to your assets when you pass away if your marriage was never legally filed with the court and how to ensure your “spouse” is taken care of.

  • Foreign Owned Assets: How to ensure you have a say in how properties you own in another country are passed down to your heirs with no legal conflicts due to unknown regulations.

  • Lending Your Credit to Others: Helping family purchase a property by letting them borrow credit can create huge, unexpected consequences. Learn how to prevent disqualification from government benefits for long-term care, creditor issues and potential loss of assets at death.

  • Funeral Planning: Waiting too long to coordinate how and where you want to be buried. If it’s in a home country, you need to plan for this or your wishes may not be honored.


This FREE report reveals tried and true strategies you can use to set up your family for success. Plus, it will give you the information needed to start guarding your assets and your children's future today.

If you’ve been on the fence about starting your estate plan, or are looking to improve the one that you already have, the information in this report may help you create the perfect plan. 


Help your family stay strong, connected, and keep what is intended for them after you’re gone by taking a few easy steps now.  

Download Your Free Report!
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